Jose has recorded music with Ed Verner, John Seda, J-Rock, Charlie Souza, John Blackwell, Kevin “E.Dread” Bailey, Trinity 7, Luis Montilla, and many others. He has over 15 years of performing, recording, teaching, and songwriting and has worked with John Seda in John’s outstanding Rising Sun Music Studio.

In 2000, he made Regional Jazz Band as a drummer at Progress Village Middle School of the Arts.

From 2001 through 2002, he gave free lessons to a local Christian church for marching band drum line. He has performed at many local churches in Hillsborough County, Florida.

In 2008, he signed with Rising Sun Music as a studio drummer and as drummer for CONTACT _Con-34A128EC1 John Seda’s band, The Producers Heart and Soul.

In 2009, Creative Loafing, a Tampa, Florida, news publication, awarded Best Concert That Came as a Welcome Surprise to the band War and opening act The Producers Heart and Soul.